Dragonflight Alpha is back again!

Dragonflight Alpha is back again!

 You will again be able to enjoy our Dragonflight expansion in alpha version. You only have to update your client by downloading through the Battle.net app the current version. To find the guided login procedure you can click here: FAQ Dragonflight in Discord 

If you have any problem, please don't hesitate to open a ticket, our team will assist you as soon as possible: ⁠dragonflight-submit-ticket | Discord


We would like to sincerely thank you for your patience. An alpha development phase can be complicated, especially for players who don't know how to find all the information we provide. This kind of situation where the server is closed for a long period of time allows our team to apply important updates thanks to your reports.


It is therefore important that you continue to report any issues you may encounter here: https://github.com/holydeew/WoWHellgarve-10.7.x

For those who want to download the minimum Client, they can do it from here. Choose one of these two options:

Mirror #1: Google Drive Minimal Client

Mirror #2: UI File Minimal Client

Have fun !

The whole team wishes you a wonderful day :RedPandaWaveHi::HellDF:

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