Downloads and How to connect

November 20, 2021

version 9.1.5 41079                                                                 Updated 19-11-2021

Remember miniClient download data while you playing, first hour  you will experience a litle breaks or delay loading scenes, depends on your internet and machine.

How to Connect, step by step!

1. Download the game.

ONLY Windows is supported!

Minimal client: Mirror 1 (Google Drive) || Mirror 2 (Mega)

Full client: Download our Minimal client and use app regardless of their current patch to download full client as you will only need their Data folder. Move folders as specified below in damaged files and you will have our launcher and full game ready.

WARNING: With Google Drive, if you fail for some reason to clik on download and THEN choose the download location (eg. closing the download location window) you'll have to wait hours to be able to use this link again.

2. Create a game account on our website by clicking on the top right corner. NOTE: We advise you to not use special symbols such as +, -, etc. as this may give you issues when trying to log into your account.

3. Click on the Arctium WoW Client Launcher file. If you downloaded minimal client, the World of Warcraft process will be displayed in your Task Manager (Ctrl+Shift+Esc) and it will take some time to download the core files before running.

4. Once you are in the login screen, use your email and password with which you registered in step 2.


Language: Open your and modify these lines:

SET textLocale "enUS"

SET audioLocale "enUS"

"deDE" will be german, "enGB", "enUS", "ruRU", etc. Set it as appropriate.

World of Warcraft being suspended in the task manager. We suggest you follow this guide to resume WoW task.

Files missing. It is strongly recommended to turn off your Firewall, Windows Defender and other antiviruses you have as they may corrupt your files.

Incompatible realm. WoW client already downloaded but with old build. The Data folder is the one containing your downloaded game files. In order to not download the game from scratch again, you just need to follow these steps:

1.) Download our minimal client so that you have our launcher.

2.) Go to your old client folder.

3.) Cut Data folder (the first Data folder you see when you open it. You will see _retail_ and the other files next to it).

4.) Paste it inside our minimal client (if it already had a Data folder just select the option to replace the files).

Remember that some data may be new, so your game client will still take some time to gather it.

Your World of Warcraft installation is damaged.
Make app fix it.

1.) Download desktop app and install it.

2.) Make it install World of Warcraft somewhere for a minute, so that it gets at least the base files.

3.) After a minute, click on the STOP icon.

4.) Move the Data from your damaged client folder to the same location you are installing retail.

5.) You will see there another Data folder already. Just click on Paste and Replace.

6.) Go back to the app and click on the Settings icon, then on Analyse and Repair option.

7.) Once it has fully checked, repaired and downloaded the files you were missing, you may move that previous Data folder inside your previously corrupted client folder.

"You have been disconnected" with right realm. Use a VPN to login. For example, avira.

Further useful information:

1.) Remember that we mainly use Discord. Click here to get an invitation.
2.) We cannot fix bugs that hadn't been reported in the bugtracker.

Have fun and hope you've found this guide useful!

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