How to connect

May 15, 2021

How to Connect, step by step!                                                                                      Updated ( 15-05-2021 )

1. Create a game account on our website by clicking in the top right corner.

2. Download our launcher installer from Mirror( || Mirror(GoogleDrive)  || Mirror(Mega)  [Only Windows is supported!] 

3. Launch the installer and wait.

4. Select the access path where the client will be installed, wait the download will be done.

4.1 You can change the language of client when the client are installed just click on the correct flag.

5. Login using the E-mail you entered upon registration.

6. That is it, enjoy HellGarve's Shadowlands Private Server!

-Download Full client HERE

Valuable Information

1. Be sure to join us at our Discord for the latest news update and for a method to directly connect with both the Community and the Staff. 

2. If you encounter any issues, do not hesitate with creating a support ticket on our Discord Server!

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