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August 16, 2021


Hellgarve is a World of Warcraft Emulation Server offered to those who wish to play WoW for fr
ee. That is to say, this is not an original copy of Blizzard game. All staff members form part of this community as a hobby. Therefore, assistance is according to their disponibility. Discord app is the main social media used to be in contact with the user, so it is suggested one joins it to stay tuned and in better touch. In addition, website changelog is never updated; the real-time game changes are displayed in our discord server. The aim of this project is to make it possible for all people around the globe who for any reason do not opt out for Retail version have such a popular game still at their disposal. Its the small diferences and contributions of these independant developers and projects that make it possible for you to play.

That being said, the availability of this commodity is given to the user. However, some rules have been sent with the purpose of maintaining all members experience as fruitful as possible.


Treat others as you would like to be treated back. In other words, be civil and respectful towards each other. You may make jokes with your friends and with other players as long as they are evidently not getting too carried away up to the point of offending someone. In case there has been a misunderstanding, the penalty given to the offender is not necessarily going to be removed. WE DO NOT ALLOW insults or any kind of destructive message aimed to harass any staff or community member. In addition, "opinionologists" who would rather "say what to do" instead of "showing how to" or collaborate are not tolerated.

CONTENT. Do not post any explicit, illegal, disturbing, offensive or discriminating content/text/comments of any kind either in-game or in our website or discord. This is not the server for such.

SCAMS. Scam attempts towards community or Staff members is strictly forbidden. At the same time, we do not take the responsibility if any other issue happens between players who make monetary or in-game deals in our servers.

We do not tolerate SPAM of any kind. Any spam observed will be deleted and said user will be punished accordingly.

CHARACTER NAMES. Please, keep your char's names appropriate
. Also, if it happens to be extremely rude or indirectly insulting a person or a group (eg. Hellgarvesucks, Minniesucks) a name change will be requested through 10 DP. If you fail this point, a ban will be applied.

You are currently browsing Hellgarve Discord Servers which is associated with KyrianCore (TC-based project) parcery. It is forbidden to advertise other Private Servers or Private Projects. You may discuss Private Servers, Cores and/or Retail, but this should be kept to a minimum.

WINTRADE. This feature is forbidden.


DECISIONS. A decision made by the staff is final unless officially changed. Appeals of any kind should be thought through with constructive criticism. Do not be upset if your suggestions are not always taken into account. Moreover, please, do not insist when it comes to requesting faster fixes or substantial changes. Help is always welcome, but unreasonable demand is not very well received and probably will end up in a mute penalty. Remember this server is being developed and assisted as our hobby and all kind of contributions are only invested in server's benefit for everybody. At the same time, if a Staff Member happens to make a mistake, under no circumstances are you allowed to insult. Same applies for any other community member.

ARGUMENTS. Hellgarve Staff are required to be neutral towards both or all parts when resolving service related disputes. Any post asking for the staff to take a particular side is not tolerated and will be either deleted or poster will be muted, as it is an attempt of interrupting or sabotaging their job/task at the time.

DEFAMATION. Spreading misinformation or untrue things about either Staff, Players or "who knows?" themselves will not be tolerated; only constructive opinions are allowed. We reserve the right to ban all user found defaming our servers anywhere as you do not have any reason to stay here if you are not interested in the product or in contributing to it. These kind of destructive messages will be deleted from our sites, too.

TREATMENT. Lying to a staff member or insulting them, swearing at anything related to the server (crashes, rollbacks, lag, restarts, news) or at a staff member will grant you any type of punishment.


Spreading, Distributing and or using tools intended for Harmful Purposes and or give members an un-fair advantage above others is strictly forbidden. Anyone found guilty of using said tools will be permanently banned from all of HellGarve services. Remember that, as we form part of a developing community, we know many kind of tools that can be found in the net. Therefore, we can spot what you are doing ingame in many ways you yourself don't know.

Those who take advantage of bugs, intentional crashes and other game vulnerabilities without reporting them asap will be banned from our servers.

BOTS. Farming, auto.move, auto-cast, multiboxing or any kind of bot is not allowed. Promoting these kind of tools is not allowed either.


DONATIONS. Should ONLY be sent through the link shared in our site or discord channel. We may have developers for trial periods, so the fact that they are in our staff doesn't mean your money sent to them in private will count as a donation for the server.

Any person found to copypaste any of our channels, texts, advertisements, layouts, or other kind of materials or somebody else's without mentioning the credit back will be banned from our platforms.

JOINING THE STAFF. Only recruiting through our Discord, and you may apply for any of the available positions shown there.

If you think a ban is unfair, you are free to speak to the Staff and ask for the reason. At the same time you may request a ban removal if you are found innocent. If not, the Staff is not forced to remove it.
Shall you report a player, you may do it as long as you attach the evidence to your report. For this feature, you strictly need Discord app.

PERSONAL INFORMATION. Information that may expose a person's sensitive data, pictures, ID cards, social media accounts or someone else's credentials will grant the player in question the right to request a ban on the person who spread this kind of information. This can also apply to groups or other communities. Starting wars among individuals or groups is something we will immediately stop. It's up to you whether you share this information with someone, or if you want to meet another person face-to-face, but Hellgarve won't be responsible for any consequences this may bring.
As for your game account, bare in mind we will NEVER ask for your credentials. The user is responsible for what happens with his account if they'd shared any passwords.

DEVELOPERS CONSIDERING TO APPLY FOR OUR STAFF. In order to avoid any scammers pretending to be developers, you have to PROVE to HellgarveCore you are a real developer and NOT a person who steals somebody else's work or sells open source fixes. You will be banned if you are found doing this.


Hellgarve Staff hold the rights to update these rules at any given time or moment. Without having any responsibility of letting you (the user) know of any change. We expect that you (the player, community member and staff) abide these rules at all times and report anyone whom does not abide these rules.
-=By the moment you join any of our Platforms you agree hereby to these rules and will follow them and report others violating them=-

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