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Hellgarve Promotions

December 3, 2023

Play now!

Hellgarve has a new promotion for you!

Invite 2 friends and get 5 donation points for the online store for free. You will also get a dragon mount for free once.


  • If you keep inviting friends in pairs, you will get 5 more points. There is no limit to invitations.

  • If you invite 10 friends, you will get the Broken Isles Pathfinder Part 1 and 50 donation points.

  • If you invite 16 friends, you will get a free level 100 scroll. This scroll contains level 100, 4 backpacks with 30 slots, 3 mounts that can only be obtained once. Gear 650+ and Pandaria pathfinder expansion. And 80 donation points in total will be yours.

  • If you invite 20 friends, we will give you a unique rank on Discord, a flying mount from the Legion expansion and 100 donation points.

How to claim prizes?

It's simple.

  • Enter the Hellgarve discord and look for an administrator named Shäxx.
  • You will have to contact him directly using the tickets.
  • Once you enter the ticket, send a message with the following format:

Hi Admin @_shaxx_ I have invited 2 friends and would like to claim the prizes.

  • Once notified, the administrator will contact you.
  • To speed up the process, you must send the administrator the nicknames of your friends.
  • The Administrator will confirm that everything is in order before giving you the prizes.

Hurry up and get these prizes to start 2024 with a bang!